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Rates and charges for services at CMC Design Limited - All listed excluding GST (15%)
Our labour rates are based on an hourly rate and charged in 15-minute increments.
Our rates apply from when our tradesperson leaves our workshop until they return or any time at the workshop working on your job. You will also be charged time for any materials sourcing, preparation and administration work required for your job.
Our tradespeople have a 30 min lunch break which will not be charged to your invoice.

  • Labour Rate $82 per hour

  • Project Management $90 per hour

  • Paint Booth $82 per hour

  • CAD Rate $90 per hour

  • CNC Machining $150 per hour (set up times charged at labour rate)

Additional to our labour charge you will be charged for each vehicle trip. This will vary depending on where you are located. If we have to make more than one vehicle trip, you will be charged for each trip. You will also be charged the time it takes for our tradesperson/s to get to site.

  • Local BOI - Opua, Paihia, Haruru, Kawakawa - no charge

  • Russell - $30 per trip (includes vehicle ferry)

  • Outer Bay Of Islands (Kerikeri - Kaikohe etc) - $25 each way - if tied in with another job we will split costs

  • Whangarei - $55 each way - if tied in with another job we will split costs

  • Trips out of BOI  - 0.82 cents per kilometre travelled

There is a one-off fee for any quoted/estimated jobs on-site, at marina etc. This can be up to $120 per job for required Shipbrokers and Public Liability Insurance and dependent on size and scope of job.

CONSUMABLES & ADMIN – (Up to $36 per invoice)
This covers such things as usage of equipment, clean-up of area and equipment, any small amounts of solvents, consumables, and materials used.  It also covers the administration of all invoices incoming and outgoing for your job.

Most jobs are generally quoted.  We will provide an estimate if a fixed quote is not able to be reached. We require a deposit on acceptance of the quote, usually between 30-40%, depending on material costs outlay, to commence the job.
If there are variations to the scope of the quoted job for whatever reason, the extra work will not be carried out until you are in agreement and understand that you will be charged accordingly for the extra work at the rates above.
Invoicing will either be weekly or at the end of the job and we have 14 days terms for payment.
When invoicing we try to be fair and reasonable and always take into consideration time spent on the job as being genuine, the parts used were necessary, and anything else charged to your job as being relevant. 

We are happy to discuss invoices or any of our pricing at any time.
We take pride in providing quality work and have a team with a wealth of experience.
We work with excellent local and NZ wide suppliers to get the best quality materials and finishes for our jobs.
An invoice will be issued on dispatch of goods and payment appreciated within 14 days from date of invoice date.

Direct Debit account details:

ASB 12 3102 0066792 00 - SWIFT CODE ASBBNZ2A 


Please contact us if you have any questions regarding your invoice (09) 4025020 or

Title to the goods shall remain vested in Hebe Natural Children’s Furniture/CMC Design Limited and shall not pass to the buyer until the purchase price for the goods has been paid in full and received by DC McInnes Contracting trading as Hebe Natural Children’s Furniture/CMC Design Limited.


Late payment of invoice may incur default interest at 15% per annum and an administration fee of $50.00 plus GST. This default interest and administration fee will be added to the overdue amount.

If any account balances remain unpaid, then all costs of debt collection (legal, filing and court fees and all debt collection commissions, etc.), incurred will be payable by you, the buyer.

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