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The latest technology partnered with traditional techniques.

CAD and CNC machining is seamlessly blended with handcrafting, shaping and finishing by specialists who are masters of their trade.

CNC Technology

Our complex CNC cutting machines are computer-controlled to provide higher speed, efficiency, consistency and accuracy throughout the manufacturing process. This technology enables us to cut and form complex 3D objects while using a broad range of materials – acrylic, composites like HPL and Melamine, foam, pvc panels and of course wood.  Plywood sheets to timber beams, hardwood and much more.

We can deliver custom-made solutions, even on a large scale. Our CNC 3-axis router has an impressive 3metre x 2metre x 300mm high working space  Our newest CNC machine is capable of machining continuous lengths of timber with working parameters of 6-80mm High and 80-950mm Wide.  Perfect for civil projects, the marine and construction industry, architects, large scale runs, joinery projects, stairs, stringers and risers and beyond.


For every project we bring our years of practical experience coupled with a focus to do the best we can for you.


We look for opportunities to use our technical skills and craftsmanship to create finished pieces that others simply cannot match.

Our specialist CNC technology offers tangible advantages for large and small, complex and repetitive, 3D manufacturing. Our team brings a wealth of knowledge, talent and technical expertise to every project we undertake.
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to get your project started.
We create, form, shape and finish complex and beautiful custom-designed pieces that can stop you in your tracks, start conversations and leave you with a lasting impression of enduring quality.

CAD work

  • Architectural and Marine timber machining

  • ​Custom-made Interior Fittings

  • Decorative Panels, Balustrades, Fretwork and Staircases

  • Public projects and installations

  • Retail Shop Fittings and Fitouts

  • Tiny Homes, Camper and Mobile Home Fitouts

  • Concrete and Rammed Earth Moulds and Plugs

  • Models, Prototypes and Templates

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